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Providing safe high quality care for all

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the Conventional Surgical Practice through the Information Revolution

In the age of unprecedented innovation in information technology, we are bringing cutting-edge technology in the world of surgery.


We will change conventional wisdom and contribute to dramatic advances in surgery.

We aim to provide safe, high-quality care for all.

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Surgical support system

Visualization of tacit knowledge

In conventional surgery, the excellent ability to recognize anatomical structures, the ability to plan the surgical process, and the ability to make decisions during surgery have been all black boxes of a skilled surgeon.

The AI surgery support system developed by our company analyzes surgical images in real time and supports the surgeon's cognitive ability, enabling safer surgery.

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Hiroki Matsuzaki



While conducting research on AI diagnosis of pathological images at the University of Tokyo graduate school, he experienced the founding stage of a medical AI startup. He led the research at the National Cancer Center Hospital East in terms of technology development. Therefore, he faced with the reality of how easy it is to get into unexpected situations in surgical operations. In addition, knowing that the quality of surgery varies greatly depending on the facility and individual, he wanted to change the current situation where people lose their lives and health due to bad luck. That’s why he founded Jmees with surgeons.


Nobuyoshi Takeshita


Co-Founder/Gastrointestinal Surgeon,

Graduate of Japan Biodesign,

Responsible for the incubation of the medical equipment project at the National Cancer Center Hospital East.


Masaaki Ito


Co-founder/colon surgeon,

Director of Colorectal Surgery, National Cancer Center Hospital East (Deputy Director),

World leader in minimally invasive surgery for rectal cancer,

Founder of A-Traction Inc. (now Asahi Surgical Robotics Co., Ltd.), which develops surgical robots.


Company tours, casual interviews, etc. are accepted at any time.

​ Please contact us.

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​ Company Profile

Company name

Jmees, Inc.


Hiroki Matsuzaki


October 2019


5-4-6 Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture

Tokatsu Techno Plaza Room 605



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For company information inquiry and consultation on clinical research, please feel free to contact us.

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